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        Zhangjiagang Top Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Polyurethane latent curing agent
        Special silane
        3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl isocyanate
        Silane-terminated polyether MS
        Polyether amine series
        Polyether amine ED-900
        Polyether amine ED-600
        Polyether amine ED-2003
        Silicone oil products
        Soft and smooth block amino silicon
        Block hydrophilic amino silicon oil
        Fluffy block amino silicon oil TP-58
        Polyether amine ED-900

        Chemical structure
        Y≈12.5, (X+Z)=6

        ED-900 is water soluble aliphatic diamine,it is viscous liquid at room temperature. Molecular weight is about 900. Easily soluble in water and various solvents. PH value is 11-12.

        Physical and chemical index
        Color Pt-Co                    ≤75
        Primary amine content %   ≥95
        Amine value mmol/g       1.80-2.25 
        Moisture %               ≤0.35

        ED-900 can be used as water-based coating, finishing agent for textile, etc.

        ※Safety performance and toxicity
        ED-900 amine-terminated polyether is slightly toxic by oral administration; non-toxic by skin absorption, slightly irritating to skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with clear water for at least 5 min.

        Packing, storage and transportation
        ED-900is packed by 200Kg iron drum, keep in shading place. To protect from heat and damp.


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