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        Zhangjiagang Top Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Polyurethane latent curing agent
        Special silane
        3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl isocyanate
        Silane-terminated polyether MS
        Polyether amine series
        Polyether amine ED-900
        Polyether amine ED-600
        Polyether amine ED-2003
        Silicone oil products
        Soft and smooth block amino silicon
        Block hydrophilic amino silicon oil
        Fluffy block amino silicon oil TP-58
        Polyether amine ED-2003

        Chemical structure
        Y≈39, (X+Z)=6

        ED-2003 is water soluble aliphatic diamine,it is waxy solid at room temperature. Molecular weight is about 2000. Easily soluble in water and various solvents. PH value is 11.2.

        Physical and chemical index
        Color Pt-Co                    ≤75
        Primary amine content %    ≥95
        Acetyl value mmol/g              0.90-1.05
        Amine value  mmol/g      0.90-1.05 
        Moisture %                ≤0.35

        ED-2003 can be used as water-based coating, finishing agent for textile, etc.

        Safety performance and toxicity
        ED-2003 amine-terminated polyether is slightly toxic by oral administration; non-toxic by skin absorption, slightly irritating to skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with clear water for at least 5 min.

        Packing, storage and transportation
        ED-2003 is packed by 200Kg iron drum, keep in shading place. To protect from heat and damp. Shelf life is one year.


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