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        Zhangjiagang Top Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Polyurethane latent curing agent
        Special silane
        3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl isocyanate
        Silane-terminated polyether MS
        Polyether amine series
        Polyether amine ED-900
        Polyether amine ED-600
        Polyether amine ED-2003
        Silicone oil products
        Soft and smooth block amino silicon
        Block hydrophilic amino silicon oil
        Fluffy block amino silicon oil TP-58
        Block hydrophilic amino silicon oil TP-588 for use in cotton

        Block silicon oil TP-588 is new model hydrophilic amino silicon oil.

        Product features:
        1. Block amino silicon oil 588 can empower fabrics excellent handfeel.
        2. It can ensure the stability of diluent.
        3. Lasting soft finishing effect.
        4. No yellowing to white and light colored fabrics.
        5. Excellent hydrophilcity.
        Main composition: linear block polymer
        Appearance: light transparent liquid 

        Dilution method:
          TP-588                10g  
          AEO-9                 0.3 g
          Glacial acetic acid                0.1g
          Add slowly
          Tap water                89g

        1. Padding technology, dosage 20-40g/L
        2. Dipping method: 3-5%(o.w.f)

        Packing and storage:
        50kg or 120kg plastic drum, keep in cool and well-ventilated place. Shelf is 6 months at normal temperature.

        1. Avoid sun exposure.
        2. Avoid diluting with poor quality water.


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